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Edmonton real estate and property management specialists. Our mission is to continuously expand our knowledge and expertise so that we can provide education and stewardship to our clients in order to help them solve problems cost effectively and in a timely manner.

About Us

The History of Core Real Estate Group


Arguably one of the fastest growing management companies in Alberta, Core Real Estate Group was founded by David F. Brown in 2012.  David’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident as he began to operate Core from his own one-bedroom condo in Edmonton, Alberta.  Any businessman would agree that growing a brand from the ground up can prove to be a challenging task, one that takes determination, focus and strategy. Wasting no opportunity, in a short period of time David grew Core to four buildings and subsequently recruited his father, Don, as a partner.     

The resurrection of Core Real Estate Group began when David saw an opportunity to positively impact the lives of thousands of people on a daily basis, while creating an opportunity to do things different and better.  He took advantage of the flaws in the market and developed strategies to fill the shortcomings while bringing his values, principles and visions to fruition.  Having a strong passion for people is just one of David’s values that has drastically helped Core grow to where it is today.   

I remember how excited I was when I purchased my first condo and I know the pride of ownership I have in my current residence when I host friends and family.  Our goal is to ensure that the properties are kept to the highest standards to ensure that the residents feel this sense of pride every time they walk into the building or have family or friends come for a visit.”  – David F. Brown  

The words “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” by the great Thomas Edison never rang so true. Building a company from scratch is no easy feat, let alone doing so on strictly a referral only basis while maintaining an immaculate reputation. Highlighted by the fact that no dime was spent on client acquisition, Core Real Estate Group quickly began to welcome homeowner’s associations and commercial buildings to their now long list of management clients.   

Bringing Don on board as a partner was only the beginning of great things to come.  With client success came more buildings to manage which resulted in an abundance of referrals.  Word had begun to spread that Core Real Estate Group was not just the ‘new kid on the block’ but was in fact proving to be a top contender by providing their clients with unsurpassed guidance and support.  This created a surge of popularity in the industry, making one thing clear: the only way to keep up with the demand was to start expanding.  

Finding staff who are driven by a passion to help people can be a daunting task for any business, however, Core defeated the odds and began to build the perfect team of extraordinary individuals.  The people behind Core are strategic problem solvers who ambitiously take on any challenge that comes their way.  Not only are they fully committed to supporting and helping clients, phenomenal customer service is their second nature.  Playing a part in client success stories amplified the team to exceed client expectations each and every day.  

With a strong team in place, the Core revolution continued to grow exponentially, and the Core team was became well known for their extensive experience and strong foundation of exceptional results.  A routine of day to day activities such as maintenance, administration, financial stewardship and communication with residents resulted in a refined process which in turn, made transitioning to Core seamless for both residential and commercial clients.  

It is of strong belief that without proper ownership, living in a condo can be not only frustrating, but also expensive.  With that in mind, Core’s unwavering vision of creating an authentic experience for every resident became reality.  Each managed building is a mini community designed to entrench an atmosphere where people love and enjoy living there.   

Six years later, Core Real Estate Group proudly provides guidance and support to dozens of condo boards and assists them in making the best decisions for their building.  With over 8,000 units under management, they accommodate nearly 18,000 people who can call their office at any time and request whatever information they need.  

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"They try so hard, they have each other's backs, they really truly care about each other, doing the best job that they can. They care about our clients, and they work tirelessly. The amount of work that happens in this office is incredible. There's people here from the crack of dawn till. I'm getting emails at eight, nine, ten at night from staff that are here just because they want to be." - David Brown, President

Our Team

Our mission is to provide the knowledge and guidance to our clients so that we can help them manage their properties – and the best way to do that is to ensure our staff is thoroughly trained. All of our staff have Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) training.

We love helping our clients, but we also love helping the community that supports us. We understand that we are very privileged and lucky to do what we do, and we want to make sure that we’re giving back and helping those that are less fortunate. Whether it’s financially or being hands-on involved with organizations like the Ronald McDonald House and serving at the Mustard Seed, we truly enjoy being a part of the community.

We’re in the business of helping people – so when we are able to go above and beyond, we do. We step in to help our tenants when they need it, because we want to.

I remember how excited I was when I purchased my first condo and I know the pride of ownership I have in my current residence when I host friends and family. Our goal is to ensure that the properties are kept to the highest standards to ensure that the residents feel this sense of pride every time they walk into the building or have family or friends come for a visit.

David F. Brown

Our vision is to build a team that is united in the pursuit to lead our industry and provide our customers with the best service possible; where trust is created through a commitment to responsibility and valued on par with making the work environment a fun place to be; and where everyone contributes to the growth of the company, is recognized for their efforts, and is supported in both personal and professional development.

David Brown, President

Core has completely turned around a lot of the problems we have been having but more than anything they are supportive and transparent when things need to be relayed to the board and the owners.


They are diligent, hardworking and fair with both the owners and contractors. Would recommend they to anyone looking for a property management company.

Christine Van Sloten

Core is a shining example of professionalism and efficiency. I highly recommend Core to anyone looking for a property management firm who is committed to service excellence!

Sheldon Oliver

Our office recently worked with Core Real Estate Group and were very impressed with their quick response time as well as their pro-activeness to avoid potential issues.

Priti Panchal

There is an open communication line, focused on honesty, hard work. and integrity. This leads to a promptly responsive team, ready to tackle any situation.

Sean Locke

Core is responsive and communicative to residents, owners, the Board, and their service providers.

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Effective March 19, 2020

We continue to be accessible by phone and email during our regular business hours of:
8:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday
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David F. Brown

President and founder of Core Real Estate Group. He grew up in Edmonton with a thirst for entrepreneurism from an early age; starting a clothing line and organizing entertainment events early in his life while attending the U of A. After graduating and spending 5-years on the leadership team of a large hospitality company, he set his sights on achieving a long-standing personal goal (as well as the sunny beaches of California) and left for a new adventure.


Spending the next 5-years in Southern California and Hong Kong, he earned an MBA in finance and entrepreneurship and then worked for a business valuation/MandA firm. Studying strategic thinking and financial modeling provided a great base of knowledge for future opportunities, and he was eager to return to Edmonton to put these new skills to use. The next 2-years were spent working through the intricacies of commercial insurance before he felt the entrepreneurial draw calling him again, and started Core Real Estate Group – a local real estate services firm. Core has grown significantly since inception and continues to support staff in personal and professional growth while providing clients with the knowledge and guidance necessary to ensure operational and financial efficiency. As President of Core, David’s responsibilities include oversight of corporate direction and strategy with a focus on leadership, personnel development, and customer satisfaction.


In addition to teaching classes with Junior Achievement, David is a member of the Human Resources and Governance sub-committee with JA; he also participates as an active member of the Finance and Taxation Committee for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.


The perfect day for Dave starts with something active (his favourite sports are mountain biking, snowboarding, and rock climbing), finding some sort of adventure around Edmonton, and then enjoying great food and drinks with friends and family. He’s a country music enthusiast and is currently learning to play the piano.