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Core’s President, David Brown, Receives Leadership Award

We are proud to announce that this past week, Core Real Estate Group’s founder, David Brown, received a Leadership Award from Business in Edmonton Magazine.  David’s entrepreneurial spirit and success in the real estate industry was highlighted, as well as Core’s 6 years in business and it’s remarkable growth of 25 total employees.


Article Excerpt:


From a young age, David Brown has had a very strong entrepreneurial streak from starting his own clothing line to joining the leadership team of a large hospitality company.  He founded Core Real Estate Group in 2012 and has been committed to building trust with his clients and respect among his colleagues in the real estate business ever since.

“Our success cannot be accorded to any single moment or event. Instead, I believe it is the result of the guidance and support provided by my parents as well as the consistent and incredible work put forth every day by our staff.  Their efforts, passion, loyalty and desire to serve our clients have been the cornerstone on which our success has been built and will continue into the future.” – David Brown, President